Chris Amos (Burrsville Ward)

May I take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am both a husband and father. I have been a resident of Clacton almost all my life having moved here with my parents from Kent.

I was the owner of a shoe shop for 15 years in Clacton town centre and another in Gt Clacton. Taking a break from retail for awhile I went on to drive an HGV vehicle for a local company. But now I have gone back to my roots and work in the retail footwear sector.

Initially, I got involved in local politics due to what I believed to be the apathy/injustices of the council towards the concerns of local people and our voices not being listened to. But now as a local councillor, helping and ensuring residents voices are heard is my number one priority.

Working on a number of cross party committees allows me the opportunity to address various local issues plus support local good causes. Also, I was asked to be the Tendring District Council Armed Forces Champion and feel very honoured that in this role it allows me to work closely with those serving and who have served in our Armed Forces and also representing residents on memorial days for all those that have gone before.

Things have started to change but with the number of councillors in the Town Hall being cut my hope is given the chance, with hard work and determination improvements can and will been accomplished . I know there is still so much that needs to be done over the next few years with the rejuvenation of our town centre, problems with our road/rail infrastructures, and local housing but I have never been one to shy away from a challenge.



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Maurice Alexander (St James Ward)

From HMS Ganges to Trinity House and the finally on to the Cunard Shipping Line Maurice was always drawn to the sea in his younger days.

Finally returning home to his native Tendring where he has lived and worked with his wife Anne.

Sue Honeywood (St Pauls Ward)

Married to Paul, Sue has live in Clacton virtually all her life.

Attending Clacton County High School Sue went on to raise her family here.

Sue is proud to call Clacton her home but thinks more needs to be done to make it a better place to live.